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Antelope Canyon

My buddy over at 501 Pressure Washing is always talking about his trips to Arizona. One of the most popular tourist attractions and his favorite in Arizona is the Antelope Canyon.  An awe-inspiring rock formation, this slot canyon is a photographer’s haven.  Located on Navajo land, just 7 miles east of Page, Arizona.  This magnificent Navajo Sandstone formations was form by millions of years of rain and constant flooding, creating a wave-like winding canyon walls. The canyon has two sections, the Upper Antelope Canyon, also known as The Crack and the Lower Antelope Canyon, also known as The Corkscrew.

Upper Antelope Canyon

Referred by the locals as The Crack and called Tse bighanilini by the Navajos are more frequented by tourists.  The entrance and the entire area are almost ground level, easily accessible to elderly and small children.  The beams of sunlight radiates more in this section of the canyon especially during summer.

Lower Antelope Canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon, also called The Corkscrew and Hazdistazi by the Navajos.  Despite the difficult trail and hike, it is very popular to photographers.  Due to longer area and narrow passage ways, visitors are required to climb ladders, take several flight of stairs to aid in descent and ascent especially towards the exit.


Most visitors in the Upper Antelope Canyon are casual sightseers.  The canyon walls rose up to 120 feet from the floor, with its winding walls made up of red swirling sandstone, when hit by light produces mysterious hues draws a lot of photography enthusiasts.  Back in 2019, an specialized tour for photographers were available during midday.

Access and Safety

The entrance is gated by Navajo Nation.  All visitors must take the guided tours by authorized tour operators only.  Flash floods are common in the area.  Even rains from miles away may funnel into and flood the canyon anytime.  This is the main reason why visits are made exclusively through authorized tour operators.


Camping in the canyon is prohibited.  The nearest campsite is at Lake Powell.  Hotels and restaurants are on Page, AZ.

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Traveling on a ship

For centuries traveling through the sea was the only means of transport across continents. For people enjoying their vacation or who have gained retirement age, the calmness of the sea is the way to go. Some modern vessels come equipped with casinos, bars, movie theatres, swimming pools, and other services. It is like traveling in the middle of a small town.

Advantages of traveling in a ship

No travel stress and jetlag, as you travel you can notice as the days go by as you slowly approach your destination.

More baggage, some bigger ships have wide storage facilities, you can even travel with the 4-wheel drive that you intend to use on the vast savannah.

Less security surveillance, unlike the airports where there is thorough scrutiny the ports authorities are not such aggressive. You can also lead your normal life while in the boat privately.

Internet service, Wi-Fi services are available in the ship, you can check your mail and contact friends and relatives every once in a while. Freelancers have a wider advantage as they can work while on vacation, like the summer holidays.

Entertainment, some large ships offer services that make it look like a small sustainable town, you get to enjoy all in one, the movies, fishing, parties, and bars.

Meet new people, as you will in the ship for a longer time than in other modes of transport. You can get to meet new friends, people who share common interests in. one of my tricks is carrying a book and any book lover will try and start a conversation.

Sightseeing, the journey by sea might stop at several harbors along the way, you will also get the advantage of great scenery in the remotest of the islands with their different diversity in animal life forms.


Time, some large ships cruise at slow speeds that can make an 8-hour journey a lifetime. For those with a limited time frame, it is not the thing for you.

Icebergs, another problem is the icebergs, although with improved technology ships are safer.

Go along enjoy your cruise and give yourself a memory of a lifetime.

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Misconceptions about Las Vegas

Gamble, party and being drunk. This is what most people think about when they think about Las Vegas. However, the question that you need to ask is if this is the truth. Or, are these just another couple of misconceptions about Las Vegas? These are the top misconceptions about Las Vegas that you need to know about.

Las Vegas isn’t for families

Do you ever see a family visiting Las Vegas? Where children are having fun at the pool, and adults are enjoying the sun beside the pool? No, we are always just seeing the gamble side of Las Vegas. Never the part where families are getting together as well.

The truth is that Las Vegas is for families as well. There is a huge selection of resorts and hotels where children are welcome and where there are activities just for children. It is just a side of Las Vegas that not many people get to see.

Las Vegas is just a bunch of casinos

All the buildings in Las Vegas are all just casinos. That there aren’t any other activities that you can enjoy when you are visiting Las Vegas. However, this isn’t the truth.

There might be a lot more casinos in Las Vegas than in other countries, but this isn’t the only thing that they have to offer. There are some great nightclubs and other night activities that adults and families can enjoy. You just need to know where to look.

During the day, there is nothing that you can do in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, you are sleeping during the day, and having fun at night. Because the casinos and most hotels are only open during the evening.

This isn’t the truth. There are many great activities that you and your family can enjoy during the day. With some planning, you can have as much fun as you like, and in the evening, you can go to a casino and gamble a bit, with the kids staying at home.

There are many misconceptions about Las Vegas. Things that people think about Las Vegas that aren’t the truth. The more you know Las Vegas, the better your knowledge will come. Making sure that you have a great career and have fun at the same time.

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